Initial Release

Ladies, Gents and Spears.

The initial test release of Spearena is now available to purchase, I've kept the price to a bare minimum until I feel the game is worth the RRP (this game will sell for $3.99 when complete) so, whats included in the initial release?

I'm glad you asked, you get 

  • 9 Maps
  • 3 Game modes
  • 7 Powerups
  • 5 Traps

This may not seem like a lot of content to begin with but bare in mind its minimum price is  $0.50 

If the game sees even marginal success the overall content will grow, more traps, power ups, game modes and features are all in the cards here. 

Anyway, thats pretty much all to be said at the moment 

as always, Happy Spearing 

-Iron Moon Studios


Spearena v1.rar 275 MB
May 21, 2017

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